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User Personalization

Add user-level personalization with the tags like Firstname, Lastname, Email, User ID, etc.,

Auto Personalize Next Visit

All the data are stored in the browser and automagically personalize the webpage from the next visit.

Unlimited Dynamic Tags

You’re not just limited to the tags we offer, Create your own tag on the go within seconds.

Geo Location the User

Get Industry Best Geo Location detection on Country, City Level without third party services.

We care about User Privacy

We built everything from ground level so none of the data is being shared with third-party services. Including the Geo Detection.

WordPress Exclusive

We are WordPress exclusive plugin which offers great feature of no-code personlization.

Super Powerful Dynamic Personalization

In 3 simple steps…

Setup WordPress for Personalization

This process takes less than 30 seconds, Download and Install our WordPress plugin. 

Add Shortcode to pages

Personalizery comes with many shortcodes which helps with super powerful personalization. Check the Shortcodes guide to understand it better.

Start sending the leads to your Website

Have an email list already? Start a campaign with a URL Parameter added link. This time all your contact see personalized version of your website. Supports over 50+ Integrations

From the Users...

“Personalizery has become a vital tool for my funnels and helps to ease the personalization by using my data of leads.”

Swayam Dhawan

“I would highly recommend personalizery to people who want to improve the conversion rate quickly without doing hard work.”

Siddharth Pal

Personalizery integrates with Industry leading tools and SaaS

without any additional configuration…




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